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Thursday, December 12th, 2013

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Review of 365 bet

Upon first review of 365 bet, this appears to be a sleek, well-maintained site with sharp angles and a clean interface. The grid design makes navigation easy, and the shadows give a nice sense of depth and professionalism. While some betting sites can feel a little sketchy or underhanded, 365bet definitely has a positive tone to it. And it seems to know its target demographics well, as the sports bet link is prominently displayed with crisp lettering.


365bet’s sports pages hit you with information as soon as the flash loads. Soccer tops the home page—not surprising since it’s the most popular sport in the world. Live in-play action descends down the screen as the various clocks tick. The number of games being monitored is sure to delight soccer fans. But for me personally, the amount of zeros in the scores is always a drawback to the game. So I turned my attention to the baseball page.


All the props you could imagine show up with a single click. Whether you like to bet per inning, by hits, or even whether the total will be odd or even, the visibility of the options makes it easy to see why 365bet touts itself as the number one site for sports betting. And the up-to-the-second results really keep you engaged in the action. But the choices don’t stop there.


The major players top the list, but that’s only because it’s alphabetical. American football, baseball and basketball are all in the top four. But with a simple scroll, every better is sure to find the sport they adore. Whether you’re into golf, tennis, beach volleyball, or even something a little more unique like futsal or snooker, you can find something to put money on. You can even collapse the menu to the side for a bit of extra space, and watch all the different sports turn to adorable emojis. But if sports aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for something more classic, there’s always the casino page.


Graphics adorn the casino page. Perhaps playing to the marketing strategies of the brick and mortar versions, the colors pop against the dark background. From the same incredibly random concepts you’d see while strolling through Caesar’s, like Cat Queen or Sweet Party, 365bet also includes major franchises like Spider-Man and Deal or No Deal. If there was any doubt this was a professional site, the inclusion of big names really puts it to rest.


Slot games are always popular, which explains why the site has far more of them than anything else. If you want something simple, fun, and distracting, they’re probably the way to go. But for true casino aficionados, the card games and table games take the cake. Admittedly 365bet’s selection isn’t as extensive as the slots or scratchers. But it’s still pretty impressive featuring baccarat, live blackjack, roulette, craps, and even sic bo (for those of you who know what that is or just googled it). Of course, if you really want the gambler’s experience, poker is the only place to be.


This is where the site really shows you its prowess. Poker is accessed through a downloadable program just like many other online poker services. It’s easy to install—only if you’re running Windows since it’s not available for Mac or Linux—and it runs smoothly. But 365bet takes it a step further offering online support and information.


The site shows you step by step how to log into the app, start a game, place bets, and more. It even offers multiple avatar choices—I went with the scary clown. From there, game stats give you up-to-date information on your personal statistics to help you track your action and adjust your game. Of course, if none of that information makes any sense to you, a poker school and poker university are available on the main website to turn you into the best player you can be.


After a few hours of poker, and losing more than I’m proud to admit, I was looking for a way to unwind. The games page on the main site provided a nice little diversion. While it does redisplay the same slots, scratchers, and table games as the other pages, it also includes some interesting and fun arcade games. Virtual football, basketball, and horse racing give some pleasant options. And for those seeking a brainier way to spend their time, virtual Jenga and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? can give you an easy mental workout. Even though I was enjoying the games, I still had one more page to check out.


Shades change on the bingo side. The green or gray background that covered all the other pages changes to a deep purple. Hues of fuchsia and pink adorn the buttons. And sparkles are added to the promo links, graphics, and just about everything else. I’m not sure what the demographic is they’re trying to reach, or what research they’ve done to back up their choices, but I personally like the new color scheme as it gave me a sense of fun and comfort the earth tones didn’t match. And I still have no idea what to make the of the people with bingo balls photoshopped over their faces.


Like every page on 365bet, navigation was simple and intuitive. Many options exist for all sorts of users. And while prizes only seemed to range from about £15–£80, the relative ease with which the games were played made it a fun way to spend my time. And they even have mobile apps for iPhone and Android so you can play bingo whenever and wherever you want—with the same beautiful though vaguely sexist color scheme.


No matter your language, interest, or reasons for betting, you can find nearly anything you’re looking for at 365bet. And it’s all simple to navigate and easy to understand. Honestly, the only complication I found was an inability to get back to the original landing page since every time I tried the site redirected me to either the sports page or whatever page I was on last. I actually had to open a new browser window just to go back and see the responsible gaming and betting news links. But all in all I found the experience to be pleasant, controlled, and well worth the time. If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and full-featured place to lay some bets, check out 365bet.


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